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Latest Workshop – May 01 – 03, 2019, Dehradun

Register for this 3-day workshop online and reserve your seat before its too late! Looking forward to seeing you at the venue.

About the Workshop

Do any of you wonder how long it takes to create a decent website?

Or even how long it takes to learn how to make one?

With us, it takes about 3 days or around 6-10 hours in total for a basic website that you would otherwise pay anywhere upwards of Rs. 15000 to get designed and developed.

How long is this workshop?

This is a 3 day Web Design Workshop where we teach students how to make and publish a website from start to finish regardless of whatever educational background or prerequisites they may have.

Who can attend?

This workshop can be extremely beneficial to almost anyone who has a rudimentary understanding of using a computer and the internet.

Why should I take this workshop?

What makes our workshop so special is that it is designed to give students knowledge that translates to real-world skills and outcomes. We think that these will be vital in the day and age of the internet and can make a significant difference to a students career path be it applying for a job or setting up their own business. These days, having a website is a necessity, not a luxury.

What will I have achieved by the end of this?

By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to make and publish a fully functional, effective and attractive website that they would otherwise be charged for by a professional. Our workshop revolves around a practical hand-on approach to learning, keeping theoretical clutter to a bare minimum. More importantly, we put all this knowledge into perspective by showing students how their newly acquired skill fits into the broader picture of the web design and development industry. We also dive into the industry career options and the future learning paths associated with them. Any student who is interested in learning more will have a very good sense of how to go about doing it.

Is there anything I get apart from this?

Apart from the workshop itself, you’ll get a free E-Learning course, community forum membership, and resources such as web hosting and a premium WordPress theme completely free of cost.

E-Learning Access

You will get free access to an online course that not only covers the topics in the workshop but goes in depth and expands on them. This is ideal for anybody who leaves the workshop wanting to learn more and dive deeper into the world of web design. This will also allow you to revise what was covered in the workshop and not have to worry about taking notes while you are there. You will have completely free access to the course for lifetime.

All Questions will be Answered

We understand that it can sometimes be daunting to ask questions in a large gathering, but clearing doubts is an essential part to learning. Due to this, we provide all attendees with an opportunity to clear their doubts in depth using our online forums. Our instructors will be online to help at all times of the day. You will have lifetime access to this forum and you can also communicate with other attendees and help one another grow.

Freebies & Resources

We try our best to provide all the tools you need to practice and apply what you’ve learnt. You get powerful resources such as Web Hosting and a Premium WordPress Theme completely free so that you can get started implementing your knowledge right-away.

Pricing &  Registration

Not only do you get 3-day seating for the event itself, you also receive a host of other benefits that are of immense value after the workshop itself!

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This workshop is available on several dates and several locations. Be sure to check out all available events for this workshop and pick whatever suits you best. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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